PHOENIX - As Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for President, body language expert Renate Mousseux watched intently, sizing up every gesture and shift.

Mousseux said she expected the Hillary Clinton she's come to know; one who is prone to big gestures and seemingly inauthentic expressions.

"It's not a genuine expression," Mousseux said. "You do that for a big show like this."

Instead, Mousseux said Clinton seemed to have corrected what she would term mistakes.

Clinton was subdued in her gestures, stood confident at the lectern, but did not grip it forcefully.

"She's very relaxed right now, I can tell," Mousseux said.

But Mousseux seized on a few tells. First, when Clinton thanked President Obama for his friendship. She licked her lips after that line. Mousseux said that's an involuntary tell.

"It's usually when you're a little bit nervous or maybe when you think you said something you don't mean 100 percent," she said.

Mousseux also noticed Clinton seemed more genuine when talking about, and interacting with, children.

Mousseux believes Clinton may have been feeding off the crowd instead of worrying about preplanned remarks.

"I think maybe it's not so natural as when you're on stage and you have a crowd in front of yourself," she said.