PHOENIX - Police arrested a man armed with four loaded guns inside the Phoenix Convention Center Thursday during Phoenix Comicon.

Officers said the 30-year-old Valley man was armed with a shotgun, three handguns and knives, as well as ammunition and "other handheld weapons." Police said he was wearing body armor.

He struggled with officers, according to police, but nobody was injured in the incident. He has not been identified.

A woman reported that the man was posting photos of Phoenix police officers from the event on social media. Police immediately responded to take him into custody around noon.

Police officials believe the man intended to attack officers, but he was taken into custody before ever drawing or pointing a gun.

Sgt. Mercedes Fortune said the weapons were not checked by security. They believe this is an isolated incident.

"You always hear us say 'If you see something, say something,'" said Sgt. Fortune. "This is a great example of that."

Police said there will be more intensive screening to guard against any other weapons getting inside the event, which will likely slow down entry lines into the event. Prop weapons will no longer be allowed inside, but vendors will be able to sell toy weapons if they are sealed. If you buy a prop weapon, police will require you keep it sealed while you're inside the venue.

Police will also increase the number of officers -- both uniformed and plainclothes -- at Comicon throughout the weekend.

Comicon runs through Sunday.