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A plus teacher: Mr. Kovach mastering the weird with physics

Mr. Kovach's teaching methods are as bright as the highlights in his hair.

AVONDALE, Ariz.- We've all had that weird teacher that made an impact, whether it was with their looks, their non-traditional way of teaching or their amazing support.

That weird teacher at La Joya Community High School is Mr. Kovach.

"I think you need to be a little weird, as a teacher, you should be the weirdest one in the room," said Kovach.

He learned teaching was his calling after many years of doing different things.

"If you spend every bit of you coming in early and working through your lunch, leaving late from work for grading papers, than yeah, you can say you've found your calling."

Walking into his classroom, the first thing you'll notice is the teacher. Not because he's the lead in the classroom, but because of his choice in color of hair and beard. It brightens up the entire room.

"We set a goal as a classroom to raise $500 for the leukemia lymphoma organization, and to give my kids an extra incentive i put my beard and hair on the line," said Kovach.

His kids delivered. They ended up raising $661 and their teacher kept his promise to dye his hair.

"He connects with the kids, and as you can see, they gobble it up. It's a hard subject to take, but he makes it easy by getting to them and making them tick a certain way." said principal Mrs. Haskins.

Kovach been highlighted by different outlets for his outstanding job, and his teaching methods are as bright as the highlights in his hair.

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