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Valley group on a mission to bring remains of US soldiers back home

Clyde "Tex" Taylor is a veteran and the vice president of Missing in America, a Scottsdale group with a mission.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Clyde "Tex" Taylor is on a mission. A mission to make sure no military members are ever forgotten.

"We have reunited over 200 veterans with their long-lost families."

Taylor, a former veteran, is Vice President of "Missing in America." The nonprofit works to reunite fallen soldiers with their families by helping to identify unclaimed cremains of veterans. 

 "It's extremely emotional for the families, we've had families travel from Tennessee out here to Phoenix, Taylor said. 

Missing in America has identified close to 6,000 cremains and reunited them with their families for a proper memorial service.

"Every veteran including myself, signed a blank check up to and including our lives, one thing we were promised was a dignified, honorable, military burial, sitting on the shelf they are not receiving it," he said.

Taylor said while no gesture measures the price paid for freedom, Missing in America continues to bring peace to families seeking closure.

"This is not about us, this is about the veterans that gave the ultimate sacrifice, it'll be the most expensive day in American history," he said. "Those hotdogs you're eating, those drinks you're consuming, the fun and the laughter you're enjoying is because of the veterans. They paid for what you're doing, with their lives."

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