For the Spice mixture-

1 TBS. - Coriander seeds

2 ea. - Star anise

½ Tsp. - powdered cinnamon

1 Tsp. - Black pepper

½ Tsp. - nutmeg

½ ea. - Fresh Vanilla pod (scraped)

1 ea. - Clove (ground fine)

1 ea. - Pod of green cardamom

1 Tbs. - Fresh grated ginger (dried)

Toast all the spices in a dry pan until the aroma is full and set on a tray and reserve in a dry place, covered.

For the Peaches-

2 EACH-Ripe large peaches

1 TBS- extra virgin olive oil

1 TBS - spice mix

Preheat an oven at 400’F. Toss the spice mix into the oil and roll the whole peaches around in the spiced fat. Place the peaches in a pan and bake for 10-12 minutes, or until the peaches are soft and the skin blisters. Cool the peaches in the cooking juices until cool enough to handle. Skin the peaches and cut them in half, then cut each half in four or three even sections, depending on the size of the peaches, removing and discarding the pits. Return the peaches into the cooking juices and sprinkle lightly again with more spice mixture and reserve at room Temperature until needed.

For the Bruschetta-

10 each- slices of country bread (frozen/sliced thin)

4 TBS- extra virgin olive oil

TT- salt and pepper

Slice the bread as thin as possible on the meat slicer. Place on a flat baking dish fitted with a parchment paper and brush liberally with the oil and salt. Place another piece of oiled parchment paper on top and bake in a pre-heated convection oven at 350’F for 10 minutes, rotating the pan every 5 minutes. Remove the top paper and cool to room temperature, store at room temperature for one day.

For the presentation-

4 EACH- spice roasted peaches

4 EACH- Piece of Burrata cheese (1/2 per order)

½ cup- leaves of basil

2 TBS- extra virgin olive oil

1 CUP- red endives

1 CUP- frisee lettuce

2 CUPS- wild arugula

TT- Maldon salt and cracked black pepper

Arrange the peach segments on a plate and drizzle with extra marinade then arrange salad on top. Arrange half Burrata per order and garnish with bruschetta, arrange mixed lettuces together with leaves of basil and, and drizzle cheese with olive oil and finish with Maldon salt and cracked black pepper.

Presenting the dish-

2 TSP- Aged balsamic vinegar

Warm the caramelized peach under a broiler with the juices and arrange along with a scoop of vanilla gelato and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.