Olive Oil 1 TBL

Garlic Chopped 1 TSP

Elbow Macaroni Portion 7 OZ

Boursin Sauce 4 OZ

Brisket Portion Chopped 3 OZ

Scallion 2 OZ

Red Peppers Chopped 2 OZ

Onion Strings 2 OZ

Panko 2 OZ

Mixed Cheese 2 OZ

Barbeque Sauce Drizzle 1 OZ


Begin by adding olive oil to a hot pan and sauté brisket, garlic, peppers, scallions then add boursin sauce cook till hot drop pasta in boiling water to reheat and toss into the pan to mix in then place in to the pasta bowl top with mixed cheese and panko and bake to till golden brown drizzle the top with barbeque sauce and top with fried onion string