Ingredients: Chocolate sponge cake, caramel mousse, chocolate sauce (recipes follow), Samoa cookies, whipped cream and toasted coconut.

To assemble: cut the cake into discs that fit into the serving glass. (3 per serving).
Begin with a generous dollop of the caramel mousse topped with several dollops of whipped cream, then top with crumbled Samoa cookies, a sprinkle of toasted coconut and a drizzle of the chocolate sauce. Gently place a cake disc on top and repeat layering two more times with the last layer generously topped with Samoa cookie crumbles and toasted coconut.

Chocolate Sponge Cake
3oz cocoa powder
1lb cake flour
1/2lb sugar
.75Oz baked powder
1/2oz salt
9oz egg yolk
1c vegetable oil *(fluid ounces)
1c water *(fluid ounces)
1/2oz vanilla extract
6oz whole eggs
1lb4oz egg whites
1/2lb sugar

Whisk oil, water, whole eggs, yolks and vanilla extract until fully combined. Add 1/2lb sugar, salt, flour, cocoa powder, baking powder until fully combined.
In separate bowl, whisk egg whites, ½ lb. sugar, until stiff peaks. Fold beaten egg white mixture into cake batter, and fully incorporate.

Bake in 9"x13" pan, at a ½ inch thickness, at 350 degrees, for about fifteen minutes or until tooth pick comes out clean.

Chocolate Sauce
12oz sugar
12.5oz water
4.7oz cocoa powder
18.8oz heavy cream

Boil sugar and water until fully incorporated. Add cocoa powder and simmer until slightly thick. Stir in cream and continue to simmer until desired consistency.

Caramel Mousse

2.25oz sugar
1/3c egg whites *(fluid ounces)
3.25oz sugar
1/3c egg yolk *(fluid ounces)
1/2lb caramel sauce
3.5 gelatin sheets
2c heavy cream *(fluid ounces)

Whip 2.5oz sugar with egg white, until stiff peaks. In separate bowl, whisk 3.25oz sugar with egg yolks until pale yellow. Melt caramel over double boiler and add gelatin until completely incorporated. Whip heavy cream to soft peaks. Whisk yolk mixture into caramel and then mix in egg white mixture in to the caramel mixture. Fold in cream until fully incorporated.