Ingredients for Brisket Rub:

1/8 cup of Granulated garlic

1/8 cup of ground pepper, course pepper

1/8 cup of Smoked Paprika

1/4 cup of table salt

Ingredients for Basic BBQ Sauce:

1/4 cup of Tomato Paste

1/4 Ketchup

1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce

¼ cup of Cranberry juice

1/8 cup of honey

1/8 cup of mustard

1/8 cup of hot sauce


Mix rub ingredients evenly in a big bowl. Spread generously on brisket top.

Wrap hickory wood chips tight in 3 layers of aluminum foil.

Set brisket in 8 qt aluminum tra.y

Place in off-set smoker or bbq pit.

Place wrapped wood chips close to charcoal but not on charcoal.

Maintain heat at 300 - 325 for 8 hours.

Take brisket out and wrap tray top with aluminum foil then place in oven for 2.5 hours at 220 or until internal temp is 190.

Let it rest for 20 minutes, then cut against the grain.

Pour sauce over it and let it rest for another hour in the oven at 200.