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Veterans celebrate 'Women in Marine Corps' day by honoring the fallen with roses

The celebration on Feb. 13 marks the 78th anniversary of women serving and as a day of awareness that the Marine Corps has the lowest amount of women serving.
Credit: Woman Marines Association

ARIZONA, USA — The Women Marines Association Arizona Chapter celebrated "Women in Marine Corps" Day on Saturday by honoring fallen Marines with roses.

The celebration marked the 78th anniversary since women have been continuously serving in the armed forces, according to a press release from the association. While women did serve prior to Feb. 13, 1943, they were disbanded immediately after wartime.

The day also acts as a time for the association to spread awareness that the Marine Corps has the lowest amount of on-duty women than any other branch, with 185,000 men serving but only 15,000 women.

"You've heard the slogan, 'The Few, The Proud'. Well, we like to say, 'The Fewer, The Prouder'!" the press release said.

The members of the association's Arizona chapter used the day to honor fallen Marines at their gravesites with roses, the unofficial flower of Women Marines. A specific rose in Oregon named the Woman Marine Rose is the color of Montezuma Red, the same color the members were wearing during the event.

The association is a nationwide non-profit that helps women veterans and raises money for homeless shelters the VA hospital, and other places where former women Marines live.

You can find out more about the organization here.

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