A mom with a message about melanoma is trying to save lives in memory of her daughter.

"Parents need to know this is not just killing adults," Marianne Banister said. "You take your child to the dentist, why not the dermatologist?"

Her 17-year-old daughter, Claire, died in October after a three-year battle with melanoma.

"She had a mole on her ankle that had been there since birth, the hormone changes of puberty may have triggered it," Banister said.

Claire wore sunscreen, never went to a tanning booth and there was no family history.

"Melanoma in a child is more invasive, which means it grows deeper and thicker," explained Banister.

It took three months to get an appointment to remove the mole.

"We were told not to worry, just relax, kids don't get melanoma," Banister recalled.

Claire was treated in the Baltimore area, where her family lives.

Her mom is traveling the country with the newly formed Claire Marie Foundation.

"I'm doing what she would have wanted, trying to save lives and keep other families from going through pain that's beyond description."