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Phoenix shares mannequin destruction compilation to warn of firework dangers

"Please leave it to the pros," the City of Phoenix Instagram account said in a post ahead of July 4.
Credit: City of Phoenix Instagram

PHOENIX — The City of Phoenix demonstrated the damage fireworks can cause with some unlucky mannequins on its Instagram account recently.

The account shared a video showing mannequins in a vulnerable position, the same position a person would be in right after they lit a firework. Then, it was a compilation of explosive plastic carnage.

The city's Instagram account and website shared multiple tips on firework safety, including:

  • Know the rules of nearby cities and towns
  • Keep people away from where the fireworks are lit
  • Make sure a bucket of water is nearby. 
  • Supervising children around fireworks
  • Never throw or point fireworks at someone or hold them in your hand
  • Never try to relight a dud
  • Leave jumbo fireworks to the professionals

"This is not a joke," the city's Instagram account said in a post. "These are the real dangers of messing with fireworks. Please leave it to the pros."

The city's website also shared tips on how to prevent a fire from starting on people's property. The city recommended people remove dead plants, grass, and weeds to create a buffer between the house and any trees or shrubs. 

"Defensible space can also help firefighters protect your home," the city said on its website. "Prevention is key."

Forest officials around the state are also concerned about potential wildfires being sparked by fireworks during the extreme drought Arizona is currently facing. 

Fireworks are to blame for more than 18,000 acres worth of wildfires each year, according to officials, including 1,300 structure fires and 300 vehicle fires.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should," said Tiffany Davila, the Public Affairs Officer at the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management. "We've got fires burning from Flagstaff down to Cochise County and our wildland fire resources are spread thin."