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How to stay safe during the Fourth of July weekend

Phoenix fire demonstrated just how quickly a firework in the wrong spot can send brush up in flames.

PHOENIX — We are in the middle of Independence week. And that means firework shows are on the way. 

To keep everyone safe, Phoenix fire would rather no one shoot off fireworks. 

But since it will be Independence Day, it's inevitable. 

So listen up -- so you can celebrate safely.

Phoenix fire demonstrated just how quick a firework in the wrong spot can send brush up in flames.

Brian Scholl, deputy fire marshal, shared best practices for lighting fireworks. 

“Make sure you are on concrete or bare dirt,” he said, “don't be near any kind of brush, or near the house, make sure you have a water supply nearby."

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There are also the common sense safety precautions that partiers always seem to forget on America's birthday. Don't hold a lit firework. 

Don't aim a bottle rocket at your buddy's head. Don't blow stuff up. 

“ER's are so inundated right now,” School said. “That we don't want people using fireworks and getting hurt." 

Nonetheless, if history is any indicator, emergency calls will be up this weekend, according to Phoenix Fire.

Doctor Kevin Foster of the Arizona Burn Center, “We have seen injuries from very minor injuries to life-ending injuries from every type of firework that you can imagine, legal and illegal." 

With all that in mind, here's to safe July 4th. And remember only adults should light fireworks!