We talk a lot about keeping your kids safe on Halloween, but it’s also important to keep your pets safe.

We asked the experts at University Animal Hospital in Tempe how to keep animals safe around the holidays.

Evan Ware, the animal hospital's director, gave us some tips.

“I think you have to look at it from both sides: people who are approaching dogs and pet owners," he said. "We have to understand that pets don’t understand the concept of Halloween. They see strange people approaching them and that can be very scary for them.”

If you are handing out candy for Halloween, try keeping your pets in a separate room, away from the door when kids will be trick-or-treating.

“So if you’re approaching a pet, make sure you have your face visible, speak softly to them, approach slowly and don’t try to scare them because they don’t understand,” Ware said.

This can help reduce stress from seeing visitors in strange costumes.

Be sure to keep the treats out of reach of your pets. Ware says try to keep the bowls elevated and keep the candy in a closed container.

And if you’re hanging decorations for the holidays, be sure any wires or cords from holiday decorations are tucked away. They could become life-threatening if an animal tries to chew on them or suffers an electrical shock.

If you’ve found that must-have costume for your pet, Ware said to make sure it's not stressful for your animal.

“Don’t pick a costume that’s too tight," he said. "It could cause them to panic or may be too difficult to get off. Pets have many senses -- allow them to see it, smell and even feel it before putting it on them."

And finally, if you’re traveling for the holidays, make sure your pet has proper identification. If for any reason your pet escapes, having a proper ID tag and microchip can help someone return your pet.