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Just in time for Halloween, we've got a look at some of the spookiest places in and around the Valley

Ghosts and ghouls abound this Halloween, and you might get to see a real-life haunting if you visit one of these spooky spots this weekend!


There's a chill in the air, and it's not just from the weather. Ghosts and ghouls and spirits stalk the streets this time of year, and Phoenix is no exception!

With a past as rich as Arizona's, it's no surprise that we've got our own share of haunted history in and around the Valley.

This Halloween weekend, we've got a look at a few of our favorites of the most haunted locations in the Valley. Most of them are holding tours and events for you to get to know a little more about the other side.

Haunted History: 

The Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix

Starting our list is one of the most glamorous spots that a ghost could choose to haunt in the whole city! The Orpheum Theatre is a historical building that was completed in 1927 for a national vaudeville circuit. Since then it's been a part of everything from Paramount Pictures to Broadway tours to Spanish film.

In 1984, a 12-year-long restoration project saved the theater from disrepair... But it didn't get rid of the resident specters.

David Cruse, the Theatrical Venue Manager for the City of Phoenis says that there are at least four ghosts inside the theater, and could be even more. But the most famous is the spirit of a little girl named "Maddie."

Maddie has been known to tap people on the shoulder or shush them during performances. Most of the time, she's seen alone in the balcony area of the theater.

If you want to take in the theater's stunning architecture and get a chance to see a ghost for yourself, you can keep an eye out for guided tours posted on the theater's website.

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The Gilbert Historical Museum

The Gilbert Historical Museum seems like a charming place on the surface, but Andrew Gill with the Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society says it's one of the most haunted buildings he's ever investigated.

This home of East Valley history holds a myriad of antiques and objects with a paranormal past attached to them.

"Everything that's been donated from deceased or loved ones, you know that it's got some sort of attachment to it," Gill said. "I think that's what makes the place a really good hot spot."

Gill hasn't gotten the chance to stay the night in the museum, but he and his team have been to the grounds several times. He says they've recorded disembodied voices, seen figures... And even been touched.

"We were doing a tour," Gill explained, "And one of our guests, she was wearing a bracelet with a cross on it. We got a voice that said 'Mr. Evil,' and then out of nowhere, her bracelet just snaps. It's... It snaps."

Even retelling the story in the light of day gives Gill goosebumps.

The museum is a chronicle of Gilbert's history and has been at the heart of its community since 1982. You can even join the Paranormal Society this Saturday for tours and talks on the museum's haunted history.

Among the Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society's investigations are strange events at the Gilbert Historical Museum.

The Hotel San Carlos

If you want to take a step back in time, there's nowhere like the Hotel San Carlos in downtown Phoenix. This historic hotel has hosted stars like Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Gene Autry and so many more.

It's also home to scores of spirits! Employees and guests alike have reported seeing and hearing ghosts within the hotel walls.

Most notable is the spirit of a young woman named Leone Jensen. In 1928, Jensen jumped from the hotel's rooftop to her death, the City of Phoenix's website reports.

Now, a number of witnesses have seen a woman in white near their beds before she walks towards the door and disappears.

Gill says that the basement of the Hotel San Carlos is one of the most active spots for making contact, literally, with the other side. He says there's nothing quite as scary as getting touched by the paranormal.

 "You can't really see nothing because you're in a dark room," He said of the hotel's basement. "And all of a sudden, you'll feel something grab your ankle, grab your calf, and you look down right away... And there's nothing there."

And when it happens at the hotel? 

"You know you're being touched there," Gill told us.

If you're interested in the hotel's haunted history, you can book a ghost tour with Go-Arizona to explore this beautiful landmark. Tours run every Friday and Saturday night through the last weekend in May.

Credit: Chad Bricks/12 News
Hotel San Carlos in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

The Rosson House

Situated next to the Arizona Science Center is a Victorian home built all the way back in 1895. Stepping into the Rosson House is like stepping back into the past... And some of its history may still haunt the halls!

Guests to the museum have heard unexplained footsteps echoing through the home or felt unnatural warmth coming from cold bare fireplaces. 

But the Rosson House has a more recent, tragic history. In 1981, the museum's 71-year-old caretaker, Kai "Speedy" Skounborg was fatally shot outside the home, the Arizona Republic reported. Many people attribute the unexplained happenings to his spirit, still caring for the home.

The Rosson House Museum is hosting Halloween tours throughout the weekend, and you can purchase tickets on the museum's website.

Rosson house in downtown Phoenix (Photo: bambe1964/flickr)

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The Jerome Grand Hotel

Okay, so, it's not in the Valley, but the Jerome Grand Hotel is too much of a paranormal powerhouse to pass up. Nestled in the mountains north of Phoenix, the hotel is a haunted hot spot in the former "wickedest town in the west."

The hotel was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976 and offers visitors a chance to take in the gorgeous Verde Valley. But, originally, it was the United Verde Hospital built in 1926.

Rumors are going to swirl around any good historic building, but the hotel's former status as a hospital makes it a prime target. According to their website, multiple psychics and mediums have sensed spirits and specters inside the hotel. 

Guests have seen ghostly figures, heard strange sounds, and witnessed unexplained phenomena. In 2011, the Travel Channel show "Ghost Adventures" stayed the night in the hotel and caught footage of slamming doors and dark shapes creeping through the halls.

Jerome is already considered the most haunted town in Arizona, and this hotel is the cherry on top!

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