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Valley family gets new home from Habitat for Humanity

A Valley nurse and her daughters have a new place to call home, thanks to Habitat for Humanity.

PHOENIX — Because of COVID-19, Arizona corporations have had to stop sending out big, in-person volunteer crews. 

This has left organizations like Habitat for Humanity and those they serve in a tough spot. 

But that didn't stop one company from giving back.

ABI Multifamily and Habitat for Humanity gave the Rodriguez family a new house. 

The Valley nurse and her daughters have been living with extended family, where they share a single bathroom. But that’s about to change. 

“It feels good," Raymara Rodriguez said. "My first home I wasn’t able to grow up in it for too long. So I hope that this will be a forever home for them."

Volunteers are putting in hundreds of hours to get the house ready. 

“Started off this morning opening the garage door, and it was full of leftover furniture, mattresses. So we actually emptied everything inside the house," a volunteer explained. 

They then began to replace and fix faulty appliances inside. And the work is far from done. Habitat for Humanity hopes to have the family in by February. 

Habitat for Humanity's Chris Owen said, "We love having people in affordable, decent housing. That’s habitat’s mission.” 

Rodriguez will own the home.

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