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Utah family delivers quintuplets in Phoenix

The Scott family moved 400 miles to finish their pregnancy and deliver their five babies in Phoenix at St. Joseph's Hospital.

PHOENIX - A family from Southern Utah just welcomed their five tiny miracles at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix.

The babies were delivered under Dr. John Elliot, MD, at Dignity Health St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center Wednesday.

The Scott quintuplets were born at 29 weeks early Wednesday morning, according to a release.

The Scott family moved about 400 miles to finish their pregnancy and deliver their five babies in Phoenix at St. Joseph's Hospital. There, every minute counts, keeping the quintuplets growing inside of their mom as long as possible.

After having two boys, Jamie and Skylar Scott tried for five heartbreaking years to get pregnant again. So they were shocked to find out they were pregnant with quintuplets, after what the Scotts refer to as minimal treatment with a specialist.

"So our plan right now is day by day and they, Dr. Elliott and his team, and the nurses keep track of everything," the Scott family said.

They chose Dr. John Elliott, a well-known physician in the world of multiples.

"We are successful and we've been able to get quintuplets to about 33 weeks, compared to the national average of about 26.5 weeks," Dr. Elliott said.

Delivering more than 20 sets of quints since 1984, Dr. Elliott says Jamie Scott is doing well even though Baby A's water already broke.

"Despite the complication her pregnancy is progressing the way we'd hope it would, given the complication," Dr. Elliott said.

The complication has not even phased mom, Jamie, who has to eat 4,000 calories a day.

"She definitely has the determination of an Olympic athlete," her husband, Skylar, said.

"My body is pretty tired from growing these babies," Jamie said.

The Scotts document every moment of their journey on social media, where they even announced the gender reveal. They're expecting three girls, Lily, Violet and Daisy, and two boys, Logan and Lincoln.

The family and medical team's goal is to carry the baby to 34 weeks. Dr. Elliott says once Jamie reaches 28 weeks of pregnancy the babies have a 95% chance of survival.

"Trying to make sure that Jamie stays safe and healthy and it's going to be one day at a time and she knows that and has a great attitude and she's in this for the long haul," Dr. Elliott said.

The Scotts say the St. George, Utah community has completely rallied around them and they're so thankful.

You can follow the Scott Family journey on Facebook or Instagram.

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