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Superheroes surprise 13-year-old cancer survivor at Phoenix Fan Fusion

The 13-year-old fought a rare and painful bone cancer for 2 years and he's in now in remission.

PHOENIX — Phoenix’s Fan Fusion means something special to each of the tens of thousands of people who participate in the fantasy festival each year.

For Francisco Alanis, attending the festival is a sign of his strength.

The 13-year-old has been fighting osteosarcoma, a rare and painful bone cancer, for 2 years.

“Cisco” had support from his loved ones, and even superheroes, while he was receiving treatment, including more than 50 rounds of chemotherapy.

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“Chemo? Nauseous, headache, and hearing aid. It’s not really fun,” he said, still maintaining a brave smile. “I’ve been there. It was really painful.”

Cisco said he promised “Mr. Stark” that he would visit him once he was better.

“Mr. Stark, AZ Tony Stark, met him. He’s really cool!”

Cisco also got a big surprise from the “Red Power Ranger,” Steve Cardenas.

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Cardenas gave the cancer survivor hugs, pictures, and valuable signed memorabilia.

“Shook his hand, gave him a hug, and he gave me an autograph,” said Cisco.

Cisco is now in remission.

Fan Fusion continues through Sunday with gates open until 11 pm.