This week was tough. The country witnessed the aftermath of two horrific mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. 

However, through the darkness of these devastating acts, we saw light as communities came together to show strength and perseverance

And there were moments this week that showed us how much strength a person can truly possess.  

Team 12's Antonia Mejia followed nine-year-old Isabella McCune as she headed back to school. She suffered third-degree burns to more than 65% of her body. More than one year later, she was cleared to be back at school.

Dozens of soldiers returned home this week. A ceremony at the Goldwater Arizona National Guard Base welcomed home citizen-soldiers of Arizona's National Guard. Their families greeted them with hugs, tears and a lot of laughs.

The Cardinals were back on the field this week as they took on the Chargers in their first preseason matchup. And fans—the really dedicated ones—tailgated in the scorching heat to gear up for the big game. 

As our communities continue to heal and move forward we are reminded there many moments to celebrate and share with one another. 

Have a good weekend!