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'He's awesome.' | Indiana pizza shop owner cuts employees in on profits after they ask to open on Thanksgiving Day

Workers at the Brownsburg pizza shop had a Thanksgiving feast, then asked their boss if they could go to work.

BROWNSBURG, Ind. — It's become a holiday tradition for employees at Rockstar Pizza in Brownsburg.

"Even though we're at work, we still want to have a nice Thanksgiving meal together," said Dani Pryor.  

Pryor is celebrating Thanksgiving with her sister, mom and her co-workers at Rockstar Pizza. Everyone brought in a dish, from the turkey and ham to the desserts.

"It just means a lot for all of us to get together," said Dani's mother, Debie Herrel.

Before gathering for the feast, employees asked their boss Ron Mathews for one more thing.

"They contacted me and said, 'Hey we want to open on Thanksgiving. What do you think?' I think I'm going to have turkey, stay at home and go to a movie with my family," Mathews said.

They wanted to work, baking and selling pizzas.

Mathews was overwhelmed by the number of people who signed up.

"So, after they did that, I'm like, 'Ya know, I'm going to throw in a percentage of sales today to them,'" said Mathews.

At 4 p.m., they got to work, fulfilling pizza orders for the next four hours for customers who wanted to dine-in or carry out.

Credit: WTHR
Diners inside Rockstar Pizza in Brownsburg on Thanksgiving.

"It gets a little chaotic. It definitely does. Last year we took pre-orders as well and we decided to open at 4 and we had to stop taking orders by 3:30," said Ashly Pryor.

Mathews said he's thankful for his employees.

"I know you hear everywhere about stores closing, can't get employees. The group I have, we went through COVID with, and they've stayed with me and I'm grateful. I'm really grateful," said Mathews.

Employees feel the same.

"Its wonderful the things he does for us and lets us open on our own and he's awesome. We love him," said Ashly Pryor.  

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