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Rattlesnake rescued from sprinkler cover is the most AZ thing we saw today

Imagine seeing the back half of a snake sticking out of a hole in your yard.
Credit: Phoenix Herpetological Society
A rattlesnake stuck in a sprinkler cover August 20, 2018.

It was a situation we can definitively label "The Most Arizona Thing We Saw Today." A rattlesnake lives another day thanks to snake experts.

A Diamondback Rattlesnake got caught in a sprinkler cover. It wasn't a red letter day for him.

Baby snakes can fit through the finger holes and hide under the covers, but this was a rude awakening for this guy.

This is where the experts from the Phoenix Herpetological Society come in. PHS promotes conservation of reptiles like snakes and lizards.

Credit: Phoenix Herpetological Society
A snake was stuck. Surely he was mad.

PHS trained personnel tried getting Mr. Snake to slide out with oil. The on-site rescue wasn't working, so for plan "B" they took him to PHS's facility.

Credit: Phoenix Herpetological Society
All hands on deck.

It was there, after 20 minutes of careful work pulling on a pissed off snake, they were able to free him. They were cautious to avoid hurting him by ripping his scales or skin.

The rattlesnake was pampered with a bubble bath to remove the oil. He was checked for further injury and released.

Credit: Phoenix Herpetological Society
Bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles

PHS's rattlesnake removal hotline is 602.550.1090. Read their tips for snake encounters here.

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