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Phoenix woman overwhelmed with gratitude after neighbor gifts her food, water, supplies

People are stepping up to try to help each other out during the coronavirus outbreak.

PHOENIX — While many people are able to get to the grocery store to pick up supplies, food, and water, many can’t. Or when they do, they aren’t finding what they need. But in Phoenix, people are stepping up to help each other out.

"I searched seven stores for water the other day and there was none,” Bobbi Stall said.

Stall, and her uncle who lives with her, are both over 60. They’ve been going without and making do in wake of not being able to find the items they need at the store.

“Everything is empty on the shelves and then it’s taking days to get my breathing medicine to me,” Stall said. “It’s just really hard on us.”

A special visit from Stall’s neighbors, Cassandra Nelson and her mother-in-law, Tuesday night helped bridge the gap.

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“They came over last night and brought me a big plate of corn beef, cabbage, carrots, and everything,” Stall said. “They are the greatest people in the world.”

Credit: Bobbi Stall
Some of the supplies Bobbi Stall was given by her neighbors.

Stall was surprised again with another delivery Wednesday morning.

“Toilet paper, paper towels, food, that is so necessary because I can’t go,” Stall said.

The items now take over Stall’s counter and leave her overflowing with gratitude.

“All she said was, 'We’re the ones that are blessed,' and it just made me want to cry,” Stall said.

“I think it’s important to take care of the people that are around us and our neighbors,” Nelson said.

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Nelson said she’s been buying items as needed to be prepared to take care of her boys. But she’s still giving items away.

“Just wanting to help because she, it’s hard on her, senior citizens, and especially the fact that she’s retired and I know her family is not in the state to help her,” Nelson said.

As times feel tough, hope is what Stall’s clinging to.

“There are people out there that are really good, and have a heart of gold,” Stall said.

“We all need to come together and help everybody,” Nelson said.


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