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NICU reunion brings together medical teams and babies at Phoenix Zoo

The event reunited babies with the NICU teams that saved their lives.

It was a special reunion on Sunday at the Phoenix Zoo. 

Hundreds of Valley babies who spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit and their families got together to enjoy each other and remember the incredible work done to save their children’s lives. 

Each miracle child had a different story of overcoming obstacles beginning the day they were born. Craig Berry's daughter spent more than 30 days in the NICU right after she was born. 

“She was considered the most critical baby in all of the NICU at the time and almost didn’t make it several times during her stay," Craig said. 

Her mom Anna calls her five-month-old daughter Piper a fighter. 

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“She had to be resuscitated at birth and was on every single machine in there just about, so it was a real tough start," Craig said. 

Now, they're celebrating their sweet warrior baby and all of her accomplishments.

“She’s doing really great," mom, Anna Berry said. 

Sunday was also about reuniting with heroes on Mary Luster's HonorHealth NICU team. 

"It makes us so happy because sometimes you don‘t know what’s going to happen and some of the situations are so difficult and they’re so critical and it’s so nice to see that the hard work paid off and they have a lovely little baby to take home," Luster said.

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“Everyone was really amazing and helped us get through what was the toughest time in our lives," Craig said. "So we’re eternally grateful.”

It's a growing community of families and medical professionals who become family, all uniting over each little life still thriving today.