Editor's note: The video about is from Oct. 31 when people were returning to their homes in Brentwood, Calif.

It’s being called "The Getty Fire Miracle."

Buried in the rubble of a home destroyed by the massive wildfire: a priceless symbol of happiness and hope in the face of disaster.

Los Angeles firefighters were looking through a burned-out home when they found a small box buried under the ash on Oct. 30. Inside the box: a wedding ring, still intact and undamaged.

The LAFD took to the streets to track down the owner and reunite them with their ring.

Eventually, they tracked down the homeowner, whose mother owns the ring. Now, the ring is back where it belongs – a rare happy ending to the continuing destruction from the Getty Fire.

But the most incredible part of the story is the ring’s unique history.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the Los Angeles Fire Department revealed the ring they found last week has now survived its second devastating wildfire. The exact home where the ring was found was destroyed in the “Bel Air Blaze” of 1961.

The ring’s owner was evacuated for that fire, too.

And days later, the only item to be saved from that fire was the same diamond ring.

The Los Angeles Fire Department concluding their Facebook post by saying:

“Among the stories of heartbreak and devastation, these moments lighten our hearts. We hope this beloved family heirloom continues to bring joy and smiles to its family.”

You really need to read this story. In 1961, 484 home... s were destroyed by the Bel Air Fire. This past week, some of those same (rebuilt) homes were again destroyed in the . On October 30th, Engine 89 was working at the fire and found a small ring box out in front of the only home destroyed in that section of the street.