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A kidney donation chain saved three lives. Here's how it worked

A man's selflessness started a chain reaction of donations. The recipients just got to meet each other.

One selfless act saved three lives.

Robert Garcia started it. He was inspired to donate one of his kidneys to a stranger in need. There are thousands of people waiting for a kidney transplant. Many have been on the list for months or years.

Robert started what's called a "transplant chain."

Robert's kidney was given to Brian Boucher. Brian's nephew, Shawn, did not match Brian, but he could donate to Daniel Whiterell

Daniel's dad, David, could not donate to Daniel, but he was a match to Pamula Kostakos, who had been waiting a long time on the transplant list.

So Brian, Daniel and Pamula can be active and healthy thanks to Robert, Shawn and David.

If you are not an organ donor, you can register at DonateLifeAZ.org and learn more.