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Indy woman finds fitting gift for firefighters who saved her prosthetic leg

Amy Gillum brought the firefighters who found her appendage a spread of food, including chicken legs.

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman wanted to do something extra special for the firefighters who helped recover her prosthetic leg that fell into Geist Reservoir last weekend. 

Tuesday, Amy Gillum visited the fire station, surprising them with a truckload of fresh food and produce, including chicken legs as a joke.  

Last Saturday, Gillum’s prosthetic leg accidentally fell in the water while boating. Three IFD divers were practicing nearby on the water when the Indiana Department of Natural Resources called them asking for a favor.  

“They stopped us and asked if we could possibly do some diving for a leg and we kind of thought it was a joke at first,” said Matt Perkins, one of the divers.  

Without hesitation, the divers rushed over and suited up. Each diver searched for about 20 minutes in zero visibility. It wasn’t until the last diver, Clayton Ellis, was doing his final sweep when he found the missing leg.  

“We were cheering just as much as he was and excited for her as well,” said Erik Baynerd, one of the divers.  

For Gillum, a simple “thank you” that day wasn’t enough, she wanted to thank them in person.  

“I was told by multiple firemen that food is the best way to make them happy,” Gillum said. 

Also bringing chicken legs, saying, “they can go diving for some legs for a little more practice.” 

Gillum said she can laugh about it now, but at the moment it was scary. Her leg cost about $20,000.  

 “I was starting to panic there towards the end and when he came up with the leg…it gave me chills. It was quite amazing,” she said. 

For divers, they said they were just doing their job. But for Amy, it meant everything.  

 “I’ll keep embarrassing myself every day just to thank you,” she told them.