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Gilbert teachers cheer up students with parade during coronavirus closure

As students are going into their third week away from school, their teachers put together a parade to brighten their day.

GILBERT, Ariz. — Teachers and staff at Val Vista Elementary in Gilbert put on a “Teacher Parade” for their students Monday morning.

“We are missing our students so much and we wanted to see them. We teach young kids. It’s important they see their teachers and they know we’re still here. We’re still thinking about them. We still care about them,” said Monica Beus, a kindergarten teacher at Val Vista Elementary.

Students are going into their third week away from school. They were completing their spring break when the Governor ordered all schools to be closed due to the risk of the coronavirus spreading.

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So, the teachers lined up their cars and decorated them with streamers and signs of support. Then they headed into the nearby neighborhood and drove past their students’ homes.

Many of the students along with their parents cheered and held signs of support as the teachers drove by.

“They are so amazing. Nothing compares to our teachers. We just love them so much and appreciate all they do. We’re all a little emotional out here because we miss them so much. We recognize all the work and love they put into our kids,” said Maritza Alsammarie, whose daughter goes to Val Vista Elementary.

Teachers hope the parade brightened the kids' day and gave them a chance to escape the doldrums of the coronavirus.

“It is going to be OK. We just all need to remember social distance and then we can get back together hopefully soon,” said Krista Roth, a reading Specialist at Val Vista Elementary.

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