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Gilbert high school percussionist's passionate performance steals the show

A Highland High School marching band member's enthusiastic performance has been seen hundreds of thousands of times after the video was shared on Twitter.

GILBERT, Ariz. — A Highland High School band member’s passion has now been seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

Dallen Johnston captured the attention of our cameras during the school’s pre-game show on Friday night.

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His passionate performance has been viewed almost 300,000 times by people all across the country who are inspired by his sheer enthusiasm and love for performing.

"I've always enjoyed sharing what I have with the world," Dallen told 12 News. "Getting this recognition that the world is seeing it, it's just making me so joyful."

Friday apparently wasn't the first time the Gilbert teen stole the show with his energy. 

"My life's always been full of music and expression. I've always just had like a knack for putting smiles on other peoples' faces, and that's just what I love doing. And when I do what I love, I am able to do it very well," Dallen said. 

In a world where it can be easy to experience negativity, Dallen is a light—a reminder to pursue your passions, and in the process, be yourself. 

"Being myself is what I enjoy," he said. "And being allowed to be myself is something I enjoy even more, especially when it's encouraged, like in this band, and what I'm doing, I love doing it, and I love that I'm able to do it and that people are accepting it."