PHOENIX — A Flagstaff 18-year-old's makeup tutorial is a hit with the internet, but it's taking off because of what happened when his father walked in on him.

In the video, Andrew Edgerton is applying eye shadow when his dad is heard saying, “that looks so freakin’ awesome!"

The compliment is followed by a "thank you" and a giggle from Andrew.

“Honestly, I wasn’t even going to post the video,” said Andrew. “It just started going viral and going crazy.

The video has garnered over 77,000 retweets and 328,000 likes on Twitter.

“I was overwhelmed by all of the support,” Andrew said. “To be honest, when it was going viral, I was nervous that people were going to be negative and disrespectful to a boy in makeup, but with every negative comment, there was like 20 positive ones.”

The makeup artist was filming a tutorial for his YouTube channel when he caught his dad's compliment.

Andrew's dad Glenn said he is proud of the art his son creates.

“Every time he does it, he comes down and shows us and shows us his different looks,” Glenn said. “How would you act with someone who is ‘supposed’ to do that? You would support them! My kid is supposed to be doing that, because that’s what he wants to be doing, so I’m going to support that.”

You can follow Edgerton on Twitter and Instagram and watch his tutorials on YouTube.