If the internet loves anything, it’s adorable dogs. And they don’t get any cuter than Clyde the Super Husky from Gilbert, Arizona. 

The precious pooch recently warmed everyone’s hearts online after he was featured on the WeRateDogs Twitter account

Since it’s posting, the tweet has received over 478,000 likes and 76,000 retweets. 

Clyde just turned a year old and the internet has fallen in love with him as his owner, April Addison, chronicles his adventures living life with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Due to the disease, Clyde gets around a little more wobbly than other dogs, but Addison wants to spread the message that “different is beautiful." 

Addison said she rescued Clyde after a rescue group found him and his siblings left alone on a trail in a box. 

To learn a little more about Clyde, we did a quick Q and A with Addison.

How are other dogs around Clyde?

Other dogs seem to be aware and know that something is off, something is different with Clyde. All of the puppies and younger dogs really enjoy him and don’t mind his jerky moves and hard to follow movements. Older dogs growl and are not a fan but they won’t attack him which is really nice.

What are his favorite things to do?

He really enjoys wandering around exploring and smelling. When he’s really exhausted he’ll just fall over kind of and lay there and take a quick nap. He loves ice cubes and enjoys anything with water. If he’s at the dog park he’ll make his rounds to every dog bowl at the dog park, not kidding. 

Can you describe his disease a little more?

Yes. CH is Cerebrallar hypoplasia; it is something they are born with. It is a neurological disorder with varying severities. From mild, to moderate to severe. Clyde is on the moderate scale. Cerebellar hypoplasia is a neurological condition in which the cerebellum is smaller than usual or not completely developed. CH is a feature of a number of congenital (present at birth) malformation syndromes, like muscular dystrophy. It only affects his motor skills and his brain is not firing fast enough to react to his muscles which is what makes him wobbly. 

Clyde does have limited vision which is not associated with the neurological disorder. That’s why when you see him staring off randomly and then jerking back when something comes towards him, or is put in his face, it’s because he doesn’t recognize it until it’s right up in his face. And the brain is a tad slow so it takes him a few seconds to realize what’s going on which direction to take his eyes will check back in for us to try to focus.

Is he as happy a doggo as he appears in all his videos?

Yes, that is something I noticed as well. He is unusually happy he never seems to have a bad day. I wish it was like that for all of us. I describe it as Clyde lives in a bubble of rainbows and unicorns. Nothing really gets him down or bothers him. 

He only gets nervous or upset, if you wanna call it that, if he can’t get up and he feels compromised. An example would be he’s trying to get up over and over again and a dog wants to play with him that will not allow him to get back up. Then he starts to whine from fear because he wants to get away but he physically cannot. Other than that, if he falls down or trips over, he just gets right back up.

If there’s anything else you would like to say about Clyde?

I would like for people to understand Clyde is a complete love bug. He loves to be hugged, held, and petted. Holding him and hugging him provides a type of compression to his body which makes him more aware of his surroundings. 

Because of his neurological disorder, he really doesn’t have a sense of the center of gravity or where his body is, so if he’s compressed on his midsection, he feels much more comfortable and relaxes instantaneously.

Addison went on to add that having a special-needs dog is a gift, and "they need to be loved and cared for just like any other dog."

"Don’t feel sorry for Clyde or any other special needs animals, she said. "Just like people, we need to respect them."

You can follow along on Clyde’s adventures on Instagram at @clydethesuperhusky