PHOENIX — It all started with a call for help.

Cameras from A&E’s show "Live Rescue" followed Mesa Fire and Medical to Dorothy’s house. The 101-year-old Arizona Diamondbacks’ superfan had fallen out of her chair while watching a game. Of course, her main concern was getting back to it.

D-backs special advisor Joe Garajiola Jr. just happened to be watching the show.

“I came in the next day and I went to Josh Rawitch and said, ‘Hey, I think I saw our oldest fan last night,” said Garajiola Jr. “So he got on it and tracked down the video and was in touch with the 'Live Rescue' people and here we are.  

Dorothy was invited to throw out the first pitch in the Diamondbacks 11-1 win over Pittsburgh, escorted by her friends from Mesa Fire and Medical.

“They’re real good, they come out to my house and pick me up,” said Dorothy.

“Lots of times we go out on our 911 calls and we don’t know what happens to a person afterward,” said Mesa fire chief, David H. “So when we can do something special like this, it makes it all the better. “

Dorothy was quick to show off one of her 17 notebooks filled with details of each game dating back to 2001, but of course the highlight of the day was throwing out that first pitch.

When it came that time, she nailed the toss to D-backs legend Luis Gonzalez.

It was Dorothy’s day at the ballpark.