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Breakfasts, burgers and more: Some of the best places to eat in the Valley

The Today in AZ team is taking your taste buds on a trip across the Valley to highlight some of the best local restaurants for our Must-eat Mondays series.

PHOENIX — We're on the hunt for some of the best food spots in the Valley and we're looking for some recommendations. So we headed out to see what people across Phoenix had to say about some of their favorite restaurants.

For our Must-eat Mondays series, we're going to highlight several different restaurants that serve, tacos, pizza, burgers and breakfast. After asking for suggestions from our viewers on social media, we'll shine a spotlight on the most popular responses and showcase some incredible food.

So be sure to check back all this month for more delicious food recommendations!

Start your day with breakfast at these Valley favorites

There's nothing better than starting your day with a nice, hearty breakfast. Whether you're an eggs and bacon person or more of a french toast and sausage fan, there are plenty of Valley restaurants to choose from. This month, we set out to highlight some of the best food spots in the Valley, and this week we're looking for the top breakfast spot.

After asking our audience for their favorite spots, the one that kept coming up was T.C. Eggington's in Mesa. The restaurant has been an East Valley staple for more than 35 years and has received numerous awards for its service and food offerings.

Another popular response was the Original Breakfast House in Phoenix. The breakfast food staple has been a must-visit in the Phoenix area since 2011. According to the restaurant's website, they specialize in unique and original twists on diner food.

Grab a good burger at these Valley spots

The Phoenix area is home to some pretty sensational food spots. From pizza to tacos, you can find a great restaurant for any appetite. We asked 12 News viewers where they get their favorite hamburgers in the Valley and one spot kept coming up. The Chuckbox in Tempe!

The savory burgers have been a Valley staple for years. Watch the video above to find out why. Along with The Chuckbox, Rehab Burger Therapy in Scottsdale also received plenty of love from our audience. Watch the video below to learn more about the restaurant.

Eat a slice at the Valley's best pizza joints

12 News viewers chose Craft 64 as their second favorite restaurant to grab a slice of pizza in the Valley! You can try this excellent pizza yourself at either the restaurant's Chandler or Scottsdale locations.

Learn about Craft 64's story and unique style in the video below.

The top pizza place in the Valley goes to Venezia's! The restaurant has locations in North Phoenix, Tempe and Gilbert and offers a huge pizza with 10 unique slices!

See more of what Venezia's has to offer in the video below!

Enjoy some good tacos in the Valley

Our first feature is going to be where you can grab some tasty tacos in the Valley. We received several recommendations for the best local taco place, but two suggestions stood out from the rest. 

First up, Tacos Tijuana! With several locations including a spot in Phoenix near 7th and Sheridan streets, this restaurant is a family-run business and has been a Valley favorite for years.

Watch the video below to learn more about their food offerings.

And the viewers' choice for best tacos in the Valley? It's Joyride Taco House! With locations in Phoenix and Gilbert, this taco spot was a clear viewer favorite.

Take a look at some of the tasty tacos in the video below. 

Don't forget to check back for our other restaurant selections later this month. You can also watch the latest picks each Monday in November on Today in AZ!

Do you have a favorite food spot in the Valley? Share your picks with us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #BeOn12!

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