A Phoenix mom went to extreme lengths to help her son achieve his goal of becoming a police officer.

After failing the written exam two times, applicant Xavier Garcia was ready to call it quits.

“I wanted to give up but my parents, they didn’t let me quit,” he said.

His mom, Tracy Contreras, took it upon herself to help her son study. She even took the exam herself, so she could get a better feel for the material.

“My natural instinct was, let me take the test, see what it’s about, that way I can help you study,” she said. “There was a test on memory. That’s what got him the most.”

Xavier said it isn’t surprising that they took the test together because they do lots of things together.

“I was his teacher, I went to prom with him!” Contreras said.

“Well, I had a date, she wasn’t my date!” Garcia clarified.

They expect to even complete training together.