PHOENIX — Love is in the air as people all over the Valley are celebrating Valentine's Day. 

The temperatures were perfect to celebrate the wedding at SoHo63 in Chandler of Courtney Comley and Tyler Butler. 

"Tyler and I have been looking forward to this day. We've been engaged for about a year and a half," Comley said. 

For them, this day is about their love amid all the love Valentine's Day has to share. 

"Five years ago today we actually met each other and decided we would go on our first date about a month later, and here we are," Comley said. 

"She is honestly just my best friend. She challenges me every day to be a better person," Butler said. "Just excited to start my life with her." 

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Outside of the clerk of the superior court in downtown Phoenix, a marriage license is the next step for a few couples. 

"We're so excited to say we've officially got this done," Bernadette Lockwood said. 

For some, their love has been years in the making, with a couple of kids along the way. 

"Grew together and now we know it's time to tie the knot," Ismael Gutierrez said. 

While for others, it's just been a few months, but they're dreaming of the day with the perfect flowers and their love to fill the air. 

"I think it's been about six months," Darshita Patel said. 

"We'll do a court wedding here, then a traditional big wedding in India," Harsh Thakkar said. 

But February 14, 2020, will always be one to remember for Courtney and Tyler. 

"Health happiness and love, that's all you can really hope for," Butler said. 

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