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Bruce Cooper announces 2020 retirement

This will be the last season of Friday Night Fever for Coop. He has decided to retire next year.

The 30th season of any show is a milestone, but this season of Friday Night Fever will be especially important to 12 News. Bruce Cooper brings Friday Night Fever to life, but this season will be special because Coop is making this his last season.

Coop will be retiring in 2020 after the Olympics, so we have a whole year to say goodbye and thanks.

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Here's a message for you from Coop ahead of the season premiere of Friday Night Fever:

This is year number 30 of Friday Night Fever. Wow, 30 years! And I have been a part of all 30 years.

And like year one, I enter year 30 with my usual excitement, energy and enthusiasm. But I have to admit this year has a different feel to it. That’s because I’m hanging up my jersey after this one.  

And no doubt it is hard not to reminiscence about the wonderful relationships and friendships I have established with former and current players, coaches, parents, fans, referees, administrators and colleagues. I am going to make this season the best one ever. 

Friday Night Fever started in 1990 by taking on the final 20 minutes of our 10 p.m newscast. It soon grew into a 30-minute show with its own time slot and shall I say the rest is history. Not only has Friday Night Fever grown but so too has the high school football talent in our state.

There was a time when a photographer and myself could cover high school football letter of intent signing day by ourselves.  But soon that became impossible.

Out of necessity Brad Cesmat and I would host an annual signing party at Majerle’s Sports Bar and Grill just to get all the players signing letters of intent under one roof.

Without question, the high school football talent in this state has absolutely exploded to the point that Arizona is a major recruiting stop for all power-5 college conferences.  I am peacock proud of the wealth of high school football talent and play in our state.  And likewise, I am peacock proud of

Friday Night Fever’s commitment to showcasing this talent and play to our viewers.

Alright enough of this, let’s hit the field!

Bruce Cooper

We look forward to this season of Friday Night Fever, this year's professional sports championships, spring training, and the Olympics with Coop.

If you have a photo or clip of Bruce Cooper, please send it to us at pictures@12news.com.