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It might look like it was made by the Devil himself, but this Arizona arachnid is harmless

Talk about something with a bark worse than its bite! The tailless whip scorpion doesn't even have venom.
Credit: Sandra Friedel, North Phoenix
A whip spider caught in a glass jar in a North Phoenix home. Photo by Sandra Friedel.

PHOENIX — A woman in North Phoenix has found one of Arizona's most awe-inspiring arachnids. Sandra Friedel shared her photos of a captured tailless whip scorpion on Facebook to try and find out just what she was looking at.

Is it one of the freakiest looking bugs we've ever seen? Absolutely. Does it even remotely pose a threat to people? Not at all! 

Also called the whip spider, Paraphrynus carolynae is one of Arizona's native species that does not possess any venom.

Although they can bite if really threatened, these amazing arachnids would prefer to pinch potential predators with those long limbs.

Entomologist Dr. Salvador Vitanza confirmed that "they are harmless to humans."

Not just that, but a study from Cornell University suggested that they're one of only a few species of arachnid to show social behavior. 

Mother whip spiders were observed to stay and communicate with their kids until the babies were fully grown, making sure they stayed safe.

Credit: Dr. Salvador Vitanza
A photo of a whip spider showing off where it got its name, taken by Dr. Salvador Vitanza.

So if you see one of these in your home, don't worry, and don't go rolling up your newspaper. They're a uniquely beautiful part of Arizona wildlife that poses no threat to you.

Just help the little guy back outside, and you're good to go!

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