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‘Aquatic muppet’? Meet the bizarre-looking salamander found in Arizona

The neotenic tiger salamander might look like an "aquatic muppet" but it is very much a part of Arizona's wildlife.
Credit: Arizona Game & Fish Department

ARIZONA, USA — It may only be 11 inches in total length but the neotenic tiger salamander's look may make you do a double-take and not in a good way. 

As Arizona's Game and Fish Department said, no, it's not an "aquatic muppet" or even a sea monster, it's a salamander that is part of Arizona's wildlife.

The department said in a Facebook post that the creature can be found in central Arizona. The post also mentions that the name derives from the word neoteny, which means the developmental slowing of features, especially in animals.

The weird factor doesn't stop there. According to the department, the neotenic tiger salamander has the ability to transition to its adult terrestrial form and crawl out of its aquatic habitat if things go south in the ponds.

This isn't the only Arizona creepy-crawly to surface in recent days. 12 News viewer, Steve McLaughlin, shared a photo of a momma bark scorpion with her babies on her back that'll make your skin crawl if you're adverse that sort of thing.

We asked an expert what to do if you find one of those in your home and he suggested vacuuming it up or calling an expert to come to remove it.

However, Brandon Bear from Frontino Pest Control said you definitely should not hit one with a fly swatter. You'll risk sending the babies everywhere and causing an infestation in your home.

For more on dealing with scorpions in your home watch the video below:

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