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'Excited for these little kits': Meet Phoenix Zoo's new baby endangered ferets

The 21 "kits," or baby ferrets, bring hope to one of the most endangered animal species in North America.

PHOENIX — Editor's note: The above video aired in 2021 during the zoo's black-footed ferret baby boom.

More hope is on the horizon for one of North America's most endangered animal species thanks to five moms at the Phoenix Zoo.

The zoo welcomed 21 black-footed ferret "kits," or baby ferrets, from five litters from moms Akoya, Roseanne, Canneles, Vermillion and Lady Mary, the zoo said in a press release. 

The new arrivals are the latest in the over 500 black-footed ferrets produced in the zoo's 30 years of being one of the five worldwide breeding facilities for the species.

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Credit: Phoenix Zoo

“We are thrilled to have another successful black-footed ferret breeding season and excited for these little kits to grow up and contribute to the recovery of their species,” said Dr. Tara Harris, Director of Conservation and Science at the Phoenix Zoo.

The zoo is also asking the public for help in naming one of the litters. People can vote on one of four groups of names, including:

  • Kyoshi, Toph, Suki, and Azula (characters from Avatar the Last Air Bender)
  • Freya, Eisa, Idunn, and Senua (Norse mythology names)
  • Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon, and Jolteon (Pokémon characters)
  • Maple, Acacia, Cedar, Willow (tree names)

Cast your vote at the zoo's website here. Voting will be live through Aug. 16 with the winning names announced on Aug. 19.

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