RIVERSIDE, Calif. - A burro spotted in Riverside, California, was in a strange predicament Friday it was seen with an orange construction cone stuck on one of it's hooves.

burro orange cone
Riverside County Department of Animal Services
coney burro more
Riverside County Department of Animal Services

According to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services, they received a call about the coned burro Friday morning. They say the burro is part of a well known herd usually seen in the Reche Canyon area.

Due to the terrain and the now-peg-legged burro's nervousness, an animal services officer couldn't get close to it initially. That's when another officer used a tranquilizer dart on the animal, but the burro didn't fully succumb to the effects.

That's when Animal Services Officer Chris Peck moved in by backing up towards the burro slowly and then dropped to one knee and was able to pull the cone off the animal. 

“The good news is the burro did not appear to have any injury related to wearing the cone temporarily,” Peck said. “He probably got it stuck earlier in the morning. Burros are curious and playful. He was probably playing with it and then he had his uh-oh moment.”

They shared this photo of the burro after Officer Peck was able to get the cone off. 

coney the burro 2
Riverside County Department of Animal Services