Winter in Arizona brings good weather, beautiful outdoors and ripe, delicious citrus. 

But that citrus can attract some ugly visitors: Rodents.

Roof rats have been invading Valley homes and backyards since they were first found in Arcadia back in 2002.

"It can get bad pretty quick," John Townsend, the vector control division manager for the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department, said. 

"Anytime you have a citrus tree and you have roof rats in the area, they'll find it."

Townsend said food, water and shelter will make the rodents stick around and do some damage.

"They constantly chew," Townsend said. 

"So they get into electric wires things like that, they can start a fire. If they get into a car they can eat all the electric wire in the car and do a lot of damage."

So what can you do? Townsend says get rid of their food and water.

"If you can clean those fruits off as soon as they are ripe and not just have them around setting all winter long well that's a good thing to do," Townsend said. "Keep your backyard clean, they'll eat dog food, cat food... anything that's available."

Townsend added if taking away the food and water supply doesn't work, he says traps can work to help get rid of them too.

If you can't eat all your citrus, you can donate it to St. Mary's Food Bank.