It's Child Passenger Safety Week, and there's some unnerving new information that suggests parents don't know as much as they should about properly restraining their children in cars.

It's not the selection of child seats that concern safety experts, but how many parents don't know how to use them properly.

"Three out of four car seats are installed incorrectly or some type of misuse," explains Jennifer Pelky of "Buckle Up For Life".

Fortunately, many parents realize that.

The local fire station is still a good place for help with child seats.

Experts say watch for common mistakes, like loose anchor straps allowing the seat to move too freely or the shoulder straps that fail the pinch test. 

"If you can pinch a wrinkle in the webbing, those straps aren't tight enough and you want to pull them a little bit tighter," explains child passenger safety technician Nathaniel Washatka.

The Academy of Pediatrics now recommends children ride in a rear-facing position until age 2, and children should remain in booster seats until they're at least 4-foot, 9 inches tall to avoid injury from seats.