PHOENIX — Four hundred and seventeen students at Ignacio Conchos Elementary School in south Phoenix received donated athletic shoes thanks to Zach Brooks and his wife, who own the Arizona Worm Farm. The urban farm not too far from the school specializes in sustainability, soil improvement, and turning garbage into food.

The couple wanted to help out the local kids in the neighborhood who come from low-income homes. Many are wearing an old pair of shoes that don’t fit properly. They’re too big or small.

“Part of sustainability is that ensuring our community and our environment is sustainable. That means getting kids great, grade education. We found one of the things we could do quickly and easily is buy a pair of new – first day of school shoes for all the kids at this school,” said Zach Brooks, founder and owner of the Arizona Worm Farm.

All the shoes were donated through the nonprofit Shoes That Fit from funds Brooks and wife were able to raise.

“A brand new pair of shoes helps a child’s self-esteem more than anything else. It means that they can go to school to begin with. We’ve had families that have been sharing shoes that can’t even attend,” said Amy Fass, CEO of Shoes that Fit.

This is the second year the Arizona Worm Farm has done this for the kids at Ignacio Conchos Elementary School. 

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