It's the body camera footage we always want to see.

Sgt. Paul Sorenson with the Northern Arizona Police Department went above and beyond to make a little girl's day.

According to NAU PD, Sgt. Sorenson ran into the girl and her parents at a local Circle-K. Unfortunately, Sorenson didn't have any PD "swag" to give her.

He swung by the girl's home, located nearby, to deliver the "swag." NAU PD posted the adorable body cam footage on Facebook.

"Do you remember what I told you?" Sorenson asked the girl. The girl responded with a "yeah" mid giggle.

"What did I tell you?"

"Next time you'll give me a sticker."

"Yes! and that's what I came to do!" Sorenson said. "Because you are just way too cute."

Sorenson gave the adorable little girl several different things. And by the sound of her laugh it looks like he made her day.

The girl said "thank you" and gave Sorenson a big hug.

Way to go, Sgt. Sorenson!

Watch the video below!