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Sweets and treats battle it out in the Today in AZ Dessert Bracket Challenge

Which dessert will emerge victorious?

32 desserts. Four regions. One winner. 

The Today in AZ team is doing their own take on the bracket madness this month to determine the best dessert of them all!

Fancy, Frozen, Classics and Cakes and Pies make up the four regions of our dessert bracket. 

Some of our favorite foods made the 32-dessert field. From cheesecake to donuts, ice cream to cannoli.

We will be doing two matchups each day until we crown a champion, so check back for updates on the bracket.

Let the games begin!

April 3 Matchups

Fancy Bracket: (4) Creme brulee vs. (6) Baklava

Creme brulee is headed to the elite eight!

Frozen Bracket: (5) Gelato vs. (6) Ice cream cake

Ice cream cake continues to roll through the tournament.

April 2 Matchups

Cakes and Pies Bracket: (1) Cheesecake vs. (2) Apple Pie

Apparently, there's nothing more American than baseball and cheesecake.

Classics Bracket: (1) Chocolate Chip Cookies vs. (2) Donuts

Chocolate chip cookies can't be beat.

April 1 Matchups

Fancy Bracket: (2) Cannoli vs. (8) Chocolate Lava Cake

The upset continues as Chocolate Lava Cake wins!

Frozen Bracket: (1) Ice cream vs. (2) Milkshakes

It was neck and neck, but milkshakes emerges with the win.

First Round

March 29 Matchups

Cakes and Pies Bracket: (4) Pecan Pie vs. (5) Blueberry Pie

Blueberry pie with the semi-upset over Pecan pie.

Classics Bracket: (4) Girl Scout Cookies vs. (5) Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies were no match for the popular Girl Scout Cookies.

March 28 Matchups

Fancy Bracket: (4) Creme brulee vs. (5) Bananas Foster

No surprises here, creme brulee is the winner.

Frozen Bracket: (4) Frozen yogurt vs. (5) Gelato

With the slight upset, gelato comes out on top.

March 27 Matchups

Cakes and Pies Bracket: (3) Coffee Cake vs. (6) French Silk Cake

The 3-seed Coffee Cake is the victor.

Classics Bracket: (3) Brownies vs. (6) S'mores

How can you go against brownies? You can't, they're the winner. 

March 26 Matchups

Fancy Bracket: (3) Baked Alaska vs. (6) Baklava

A huge upset as baklava takes the win.

Frozen Bracket: (3) Ice cream sandwiches vs. (6) Ice cream cakes

The upsets continued as ice cream cakes emerge with the win.

March 25 Matchups

Cakes and Pies Bracket: (2) Apple pie vs. (7) Pumpkin pie

After a hard-fought battle, apple pie comes away with the win. 

Classics Bracket: (2) Donuts vs. (7) Cupcakes

It was neck and neck most of the morning, but donuts proved victorius.

March 22 Matchups

Fancy Bracket: (2) Cannoli vs. (7) Macarons

Cannoli was the decisive victor.

Frozen Bracket: (2) Milkshakes vs. (7) Sorbet

Sorbet was a big underdog, and couldn't dethrone Milkshakes.

March 21 Matchups

Cakes & Pies Bracket: (1) Cheesecake vs. (8) Birthday cake

Cheesecake won this round. Cakes are round.

Classics Bracket: (1) Chocolate chip cookies vs. (8) Jell-O

Fan favorite chocolate chip cookies defeated Jell-O.

March 20 Matchups

Fancy Bracket: (1) Tiramisu vs. (8) Chocolate Lava Cake

In the first upset of the challenge, Chocolate Lava Cake comes out on top!

Frozen Bracket: (1) Ice cream vs. (8) Popsicles 

The top-seeded Ice cream moves on!

Check back tomorrow for the next matchups.

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