Valentine's Day is upon us and many couples might decide to have a low key evening at home for the holiday.

But before you Netflix and chill, take a look at these findings from a recent survey from

As it turns out, Americans have some pretty strong feelings about how streaming factors into their relationships.

All my ex's are on Netflix.

According to the survey, one in three people said they've used an ex's Netflix password. Findings also revealed that one in three people have gotten into a verbal argument about what to watch.

And even more surprising, the study said one in 10 people who participated in the study stated they dated someone just to use their Netflix subscription.

Netflix and cheat?

For couples who enjoy a good binge session with their significant other, you may have to think twice. According to the study, more than half of the people asked revealed they "Netflix cheated" on their partner.

Streaming trouble for couples.

Of all those who were involved in the study, seven percent said they have ended a relationship because of someone's Netflix preferences.

And the news isn't much better for those who tied the knot. Married couples are more likely than single people to get into a verbal argument over Netflix.

Swiping right for Netflix.

It appears Netflix is an important part of relationships. Almost one-third said they spend all or most of their time with their partner watching Netflix. And two-thirds said it's somewhat important that their partner has the same Netflix tastes as them.

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