A new study is giving Arizona State University something to brag about to its rival in the south.

"Great news for our Sun Devils," the university wrote on Facebook surrounded by six party-popper emojis.

A ranking of the most affordable cities with major universities, compiled by TurboTenant, placed Tempe in the top five at No. 4.

According to TurboTenate, cities or small towns that made the list had to offer options for affordable housing, lots of amenities and a downtown that could be easily accessed.

Tempe covered most, if not all, of those bases with Tempe Town Lake, hiking trails and more. Not to mention, ASU is walking distance to the city's downtown area.

The study also found the average two-bedroom rental price to be $1,266.

"If Arizona conjures up images of desolate deserts and cacti, you might want to take a trip to Tempe to readjust your mindset," the company wrote.