The first trip to Arizona for Kevin Fowler and his now-fiance Roni Moore is definitely one they'll never forget.

The couple came to Arizona on vacation. Fowler said they had been planning the trip out here since July to see some of their favorite bands, like The Maine, at the 8123 Fest in Phoenix.

But by mid-October, the trip for Fowler started to become more than just a chance to see their favorite bands. That's when he started planning to propose to his girlfriend of nine years.

"I decided this would be a perfect time," Fowler said. "I only let a few people in on the secret, and it went over well!"

Fowler picked the Grand Canyon as the setting for his grand plan.

"It seemed like a perfect spot," he said.

He, however, wasn't expecting the cold weather and snow.

"Not being from here, I wasn't planning for the cold and the snow so (as you see) I did not have a jacket or anything," Fowler said. 

It was cold and windy, but Fowler stuck to his plan, one he thinks his girlfriend, despite feeling she might have been a little suspicious at one point, never saw coming.

Fowler popped the big question and the happy couple was officially engaged on Thursday.

"It is amazing!" he said.