The United States of America is 242 years old today, a number not lost on Arizona Sen. John McCain.

“As we celebrate our nation’s independence, I am especially mindful of the value of our freedom," he said in a statement Wednesday morning. "America is the freest and most prosperous country in the world, offering a life of liberty and endless opportunity."

McCain took to Twitter early Wednesday morning, saying his thoughts were with "the brave & selfless patriots serving around the world, who shoulder our burdens every day to secure the freedom we celebrate on this holiday."

"May we all remember the sacrifices made by generations of Americans to secure the liberty we so often take for granted, and that we celebrate today," he said.

McCain, one of our most visible Vietnam War veterans, has made several July 4th visits overseas to spend time with U.S. service members and diplomats. He's done it nearly every single Independence Day since 9/11, according to a note at the bottom of his statement.

This year, however, McCain is spending the American holiday at home in Arizona where he continues his battle against brain cancer.

“One of the greatest privileges of my life has been marking Independence Day with America's service members and diplomats selflessly serving overseas," he said. "As I spend this Fourth of July at home in Arizona, my thoughts are with these courageous men and women fighting terrorism and tyranny around the world."

McCain said because of the sacrifice of those brave men and women, "our country remains a beacon of hope to all people held captive by oppression, violence and injustice."

"Today and every day, let us show our gratitude and keep in our prayers the brave and selfless patriots serving in uniform and their families, who shoulder our burdens to protect our freedom and keep us safe from harm," he said.