SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.- Nezza Blanquera remembers living in Australia and working day-in and day-out in the corporate world.

"I knew that if i came back to Scottsdale, I couldn't keep working in the corporate setting," she said. "So I thought about how much I like working with flowers, and how people would complain about how much their spouses would pay for flowers. I thought, 'Well, flowers don't have to be expensive.'"

My Little Posy came alive that year.

Blanquera remembers how difficult it was because she had nothing on her to start the business. She knew that she had to make the flowers affordable to the consumer, so she eliminated all the overhead.

"I would go to the library to fulfill all my internet needs. I didn't have a fancy cellphone, camera or a laptop, but I knew I had to make this work," she said. "And last year, I went all-in, bought a lot of flowers, and within two days I sold out."

That was Valentine's Day of 2016.

Blanquera said she learned a lot by trial and error. She had hired a consultant to teach her everything he knew about flowers, but learned tax, marketing, photography and social media on her own -- or as she called it, by "falling on her face over and over again."

Her business is planted -- or, centered -- in our state, and on a daily basis, focuses on buying in-state flowers first before going out of the state or country as an alternate option.

The plan to stay put in Arizona is part of the root of the business, with the wedding business now in its hands, My Little Posy will only be little by name. This business is growing as fast as its flowers are blooming like the Arizona springs.

This Valentine's Day, if you're looking to stay local, My Little Posy is a good option.