Bullying continues to be in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

From parents to kids, many take to social media to share their experiences with bullies.

Including this mother and daughter.

Facebook user and Valley resident Regina Goldberg recently took to the social media platform to post an emotional video her daughter created.

And it has a powerful message: Stand up against bullying.

In the video, her 13-year-old daughter, Kalani, is covered with Post-it notes with the various names bullies have called her. She then emotionally explains what it’s like to be tormented by a bully.

“Ugly, stupid, dumb...these are just a few of the names you call me,” she says in the video.

"Every day I wear your words, every day I carry the weight of your labels, every day I struggle to shed your words from my thoughts."

Kalani says she hears the positive words of loved ones and fights to remember them. But the hurtful words are just too loud, she can "barely hear."

"Every day you are hurting me, every day you're hurting each other," she says. "I don't want to wear your words anymore."

Her mother writes that Kalani wants other kids to know they’re not alone.

"Talk about it. Open that aisle of communication if you haven’t already," Goldberg writes. "Listen to them and acknowledge what they have to say."