His whole life he knew he wanted to be a police officer but life had other plans for officer Jack Glock of the Cottonwood Police Department.

When the 25-year-old graduated from the police academy and landed a job at the Cottonwood Police Department, it was a dream come true.

“I’ve wanted to be a police officer since I was 8 years old. My grandfather was a police officer in New York before he unfortunately passed in the line of duty,” said Glock. “My mother was a court officer in New York before we moved out here. It’s just in my blood.”

But his excitement didn’t last long.

“At the end of June, I started getting really bad headaches, like everyday, and nothing was making them go away. I thought it was just from work,” he said.

He had only been on the streets a few months before his symptoms stopped him from working.

One day, the symptoms got so bad his training officer sent him home.

“I thought it was the flu or something and when I was working,” he said, “I was with my training officer and literally had to pull off the side and puking my brains out and just didn’t feel good at all and he sent me home.”

After a few doctors visits, and plenty of tests – he got the results.

Jack has what is called a glioma tumor, a type of tumor with a high regrowth rate.

“On Aug. 8 out here in Flagstaff, they removed the tumor, or they thought they removed the tumor,” said Glock.

But after the first surgery, he still wasn’t getting better. So he flew to New York for a second opinion and his doctor, the same man who also worked on Sen. John McCain’s brain tumor, found that the first brain surgery didn’t get rid of all the tumors.

“I got an MRI out there and they found some tumors they had missed, so I had a second craniotomy on Oct. 30 to remove the rest of it,” he said.

One scar and two major surgeries later, he’s back home now and waiting for his next step. Unfortunately, Glock recently found out he will have to medically retire from the police force.